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Burkina Faso Chronicles Pt.2


And so we arrived! Finally after the longest flight plan ever devised by man we touched down in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  I stepped off of the plan and on to the cement…?...?...yes, cement, a new experience for me as I had never gotten off of a plane and stepped down onto the airport parking lot, for lack of better words. We all walked into the airport and were immediately shuffled off to a separate area; I guess it was obvious that we were not from there. The First thing they check is your Yellow Fever card… before they check your passport, Burkina Faso is a Yellow Fever area so if you don’t have it, you can’t stay. We all got through the process of getting out passports stamped, getting our Visa’s and eventually walking out of the airport. A little while later we arrived at the Azalai Hotel, one of the main tourist hotels in Ouagadougou, we checked in, dropped off our things and then went to dinner at Cappucino… the restaurant that would otherwise become known as… THE SPOT, we ate there or grabbed something to go from there literally almost every day for two weeks.

Tuesday morning came and I was up early… very early, like 5am in the morning early which is a time of morning that for a musician generally does not exists… especially after a late night show or extensive travel, but in the words of Lewis Carrol “ The Sun was shining on the Sea, Shinning with all it’s Might!”… well, there was no sea but in any event, the sun was up with a vengeance and therefore so was I. I walked over to the gym and it was closed, the hotel staff person told me that it didn’t open till nine am so I headed back to my room. On my way I heard people over on the tennis court so I went over to check it out and to my pleasant surprise there were tennis instructors willing to play matches, hit balls or teach lessons. I became quick friends with a tennis instructor named Albert who spoke Fluent French and just a little English at the time I spoke fluent English and absolutely no French so we were a match make in communication heaven. We found a way to communicate effectively after a few moments and thus began the best tennis lesson I’ve ever had… I really learned a lot… like for example that what I was doing before was completely wrong lol. At the end of the day I got an hour tennis lesson with a hitting partner and a ball boy for 6 thousand CFA which is roughly 10 or 11 american dollars…. Try getting that in America… not going to happen.

Eventually everyone was awake and LaSean Brown came to the Hotel to pick us up and take us to the Markets where I got my first taste of Burkinabe culture. People there have the perfect combination of friendliness and sales aggression and make you feel  like you are the only customer they will ever see in life… they are a culture of friendly go getters who set up shop anywhere, on grass, on dirt, on the side of the street and in back clay road alleys, side by side sometimes selling the exact same things as their neighbors. For the first time I got to really experience a “ Free Market” place… like we claim to have here in America.

That night we sat down at café Vienna and had dinner with LaSean Brown of the Embassy, His sister Kiah,  University of Greensboro Associate Professor and Full Bright Scholar Robin Gee and her sister Jean.  Robin is a Dancer and Choreographer and was interested in performing with the band at the U.S embassy, she had listened to the music and had narrowed everything down to a “short list”… of 11 out of the 15 songs I sent her…. Talk about complements J . I told her that she could dance to whichever on she wanted, just let us know, and we’ll have a rehearsal.  A great night of food and conversation ended with a plan to awake the next day and go see the Sacred Crocodiles…..   Yes… Crocodiles


To Be Continued!


Burkina Faso Chronicles Pt.1


On April 21st 2013 I boarded airplane with my Citizens of Metropolis Band Mates a flew from Houston Texas to Ouagadougou for the Annual Jazz A Ouaga Music Festival. The Festival was an epic experience and I want to share it with all of my friends, family and fan so that's exactly what I'm doing, beginning of course with the story of getting there. 


I was extremely anxious to board the plane in Houston, this was my first international flight and the entire trip seemed like an insurmountable never ending journey, it was after all a 26 hour trip that included a 11 hour flight from Houston to Paris, an 8 hour layover in Paris and a 6 hour plane ride from Paris to Ouagadougou. I got to the Airport in Houston three hours before my flight because my percussionist "Phillip McIntyre" stated that it was the best thing to do... needless to say I was there by myself for the first hour and a half before my keyboard player "Devan Callihan" finally arrived... and then there were two. The next hour was filled with a stark sense of worry as I wondered if the remaining crew, Phillip, Jeremy Horton, and Miguel Thornton would arrive at the airport and terminal in time to board the plane... finally they did and so began the epic journey... the 11 hour flight to Paris.


I had never experienced an 11 hour flight before and this one was certainly an experience, I was surrounded by people who were speaking to me in French as if I understood French... I didn't... and several times on the plane people told me that I had a funny accent... which to me was strange because from my perspective they were the ones with the accents.  Eventually nighttime came, it can only be described as the shortest night ever created by God, only three and a half hours of darkness, during which every one in my band managed to sleep except for myself and Miguel who was keeping company with his own entourage of newly discovered friends at the back of the plane. I walked back and forth a few times and did a bit of socializing to stretch my legs before eventually falling asleep for the remaining four hours of the flight.


When I a woke it was morning and we were landing in Paris... Paris! The five of us rushed off of the plane and directly to a taxi to get to the city, we only had 7 hours to see the sites and get back to the airport. we were able to spend about a hour at the Eiffel tower and sampled some local cuisine before heading back to the airport. The Taxi cab ride to and from the city costs us almost 180 euro... almost 40 euro each... which is... a lot of money but none of us were complaining. We got to the terminal just in time to catch our connection flight and 6 hours later we were in Ouagadougou being greeted by Mr. LaSean Brown of the U.S Embassy to Burkina Faso and Ms. Rocki, our official guide to Burkina Faso from Jazz A Ouaga.




Shades of Gray is on Getting Radio Play! If you live near the following stations send them a request.



WIIZ - Augusta Ga - 97.9 The WIZ
WRVZ - Pocatalito WV - 98.7 The Beat
WZLD - Hattiesburg Ms - Wild 106.3
WEUP - Huntsville Alabama - 103.1 FM
WXBT- Columbia South Carolina- 100.1 FM
KNDA - Corpus Christi - 102.9 DA Bomb
WFXE- Columbus Ga- Foxie 104.9
WRSV - Elm City NC. - Soul Jams 92.1 FM
WYNN - Florence SC - 106.3 FM
WCCG- Fayetteville NC - 104.5 FM
WLYX - Valdosta Ga- 96.7 FM
KATZ-  St. Louis Mo - 100.3 The Beat
KRVV- Bastrop La- 100.1 The Beat
KJMZ - Cache Ok - Jams 97.9
WJXM- Meridian Mi - 105.7 The Beat
KKST- Alexandria La-98.7 FM
WMNX-Wilmington N.C- 97.3 FM
WRBP- Ohio-101.9 FM
WMSU -Columbus Mississppi -92.1 FM
WJJN- Columbia Alabama - 92.1 FM 
KIIZ - Kileen Texas- 92.3 Fm
WUVA - Charlottesville VA - 92.7 FM
WWLD - Tallahassee Florida - 102.3 FM
KBCE - Alexandria La- 102.3 FM
WYTT- Emporia & Greensville County VA - 99.5 FM
WESE - Mississippi - Power 92.5 FM
WHTD - Detroit Mi - Hot 102.7 FM
WIHB - Charleston S.C - 92.5 FM
WJIZ - Albany Ga - 96.3
WSTI - Quitman Ga- Star 105.3 FM
WFKX - Henderson Tennessee - 95.7 FM
WJWC - Gallion Alabama - 1011.9 FM
KHTC - Minneapolis Mn - 96.3 FM
KHTE - Little Rock Arkansas -96.5 FM
KIIZ - Waco Texas - 92.3 FM 

Tearing Up The Charts


The Charting Continues.... I am very pleased to announce the recent success of my singles "Baby", which debuted on the Billboard charts, and "Shades of Gray" which topped the Billboard Single Sales Chart at #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    a full review and press release in on the site in my press release section.!

Keeping up with the Kardas... J Metros lol


HEY EVERYBODY! sorry it's been a while since I wrote... I want to first wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and also inform everyone that my single "Shades Of Gray" has been officially released!  the video features a cameo appearance by Paul Wall!


Happy HOlidays!

Awesome Sauce


The Past few months have been a series of events that can only be described as #AWESOMESAUCE!  I Finished my new album Metropolis Saga and I am currently looking at release dates for either September of this year or January of Next year! The date will be decided based on the success of the first single "BABY" which has been tearing up the Digital Radio Tracker charts for the past two months and is finally making some headway on FM Radio!!!!!!. Shout out to the stations that are showing me love already, Including my home town stations of KBXX 97.9 The Box and KRBE 104.1  and I really would like to thank KNDA in Corpus Christie for being the first station to play my new song and putting in in constant Heavy Rotation!!!!!!!!! MWAH! that was a Kiss. :-)


DiscMakers sent my first run of Cd's for Metropolis Saga, they arrived in the mail yesterday. As beautiful as the design looked in a PDF format ( Thanks Erik Xydis of LabLArts) it looks so much better all printed up and in person!


Ok. I think I've said enough for one day... it's lunch time. Time to make a Turkey Sandwich

March is Marching


So... right now I am am tired... I am tired because I need to go to sleep, I have entirely too much going on. I am finishing up the Master for my Solo Project "Metropolis Saga" which will be out this year; I am very excited to be working with "The Acoustic Project" whose Ep will also release this year and I just joined a cover band "Hyde Park"... lost of rehearsals... lots of music... three projects... J Metro, Acoustic Project, Hyde Park....


Still doing my weekly radio show... give me a listen... good night... Sorry for the run on sentence... Love Ya!


Random Thoughts and updates


Yes... it's been a month lol, I'm sure you don't want to read a months worth of blog in one extremely long post/novel... so i will attempt to keep it short and promise to do better lol.

Just coming off of a trip to Fort Lauderdale with my Flag Football team... we came in third place so all around it was a great trip. Right before the trip i took the photo shoot and captured all of the images that I will need to package up my new album... everything is right on schedule... I am almost finished with the final mixes of the songs, Erik of LabLarts is working on the pictures so everything is almsot ready to be sent to be final mastered and packaged up... so excited... the album is on schedule to be out this year :-) 

President of Your Heart is doing pretty well as a promotional single for the album... I am glad for that :-) Still not sure which song will be the official first single but... spoiler alert... I am leaning towards either "Do You Know" or "Governor's Anthem"... we will see :-) 

Love you, and I'll be back soon.


Updates and Mixed Feelings


In the proverbial “ Venn diagram” housing categories “Extremely current news” on one side and “Bittersweet eventualities actually occurring” on the other… the digital release of “J Metro Deluxe Edition” on iTunes by Tate Music Group sits right in the middle.

Today I discovered, without any advance directive or forewarning from TMG, that “J Metro Deluxe Edition” was available for purchase on iTunes… A sudden lukewarm feeling came over me. When I entered a 1 album agreement with TMG to rerelease my debut album “J Metro” which was released 1/25/2011, I was assured that the Deluxe edition would be available by August or September of 2011; Fast forward to January of 2012 and suddenly my fan base is being bombarded with an onslaught of J Metro releases.  First I released the song  “President of Your Heart” as a promotional single to expose my upcoming sophomore release titled “Metropolis Saga” , then… Finally… and approximately 5 months behind schedule, TMG released the Deluxe Edition of my original album with 5 new songs, Westminster Champion, Black Widow, Guarantee, The Mission and Everywhere I Go.  The result is what has to be a confusing flurry of releases for my fans both old and new. 

I deeply apologize for this, please allow me to make it Clear.

J Metro Deluxe Edition is now available on iTunes. It is my original album featuring 5 new songs, here is the link


President of Your Heart is the Promotional Single released January 2012 from the upcoming album “Metropolis Saga”  here is the link.


Concerning the Deluxe Edition… it is 19 songs for $9.99 so… hey, you can’t beat it.

Help Me Help You... And Vice Versa


To quote one of my favorite movies..." The folks atop the ladder are the ones the world adores; so boost me up my ladder kid and I'll boost you up yours"

Often times...with surprisingly consistent frequency, I am surprised by how very little independent artist do to further their own careers. I've been doing my show on Blog Talk Radio titled "Metropolis Countdown with J Metro" for almost a year now and every week... without fail, I devote an entire song to an independent artist; I am a two time billboard charting musician, an independent artist myself and most importantly my radio show has thousands of nationwide listeners per week... one would think that I would have independent artists banging down the door trying to be featured on the show and even willing to do interviews... but alas... no lol. Many episodes I resort to using my own music as the independent artist segment because not only are independent artist the apparent epitome of laziness, they are also more difficult to find than the proverbial "needle in a haystack"

I am writing this blog as a personal and sincere invitation to all independent artists to prove me wrong... All you have to do to get rotation on my nationally syndicated weekly radio show is... submit your music...

Prove me wrong... I dare you...


New Website/ New Twitter Focus/ New Show


So... Today I got my new website up and running... so excited, i love the name... thanks Gerald H. It has been an interesting few days since I released the single "President Of Your Heart" from my new album; a short period of time, but a period of time nonetheless in which I have aquired new fans, found out that some old friends need reevaluation, got a new website and found a ne focus on Twitter. I have to say... I didn't quite get the twitter thing untill a friend of mine informed me that I was using it incorrectly... I immediately went through and unfollowed nearly 300 people, I then took a look at my timeline and OMG it was like the parting of the red sea, every post was either from a person or on a topic that was of high interest to me and i immediately starting tweeting, retweeting and replying away!!!! 6 hours later I crawled into bed at approximately 4:30 in the morning.

Twitter isn't the only thing that I have found a renewed intered for. My fans who follow my show on BlogTalkRadio titled "Metropolis Countdown with J Metro" on the "Knot Your Typical Radio Talk" channel will be pleased to see that after a much needed hiatus... I have booked up my show through March... Independent Artists, start sending me your music for your chance to be featured on the show.

This has been my first ever Blog... I have to say... I kind of enjoyed it... :-)

Talk to you all again soon and most importantly... WELCOME TO THE METROPOLIS!!!


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